Rain, Rain, Go Away: Trauma of raindrops on a tin roof

For most, the sound of rain is sought after.

Every sound machine I have ever owned included the sound of “rain”. In fact, it included the sound of rain on many settings varying in intensity from “light rain” to even “thunderstorm”.  Many friends who have custom built homes even wanted a tin roof just for the sound. FB statuses used to be filled with statements like “Relaxing on this rainy day” or “Falling asleep to the sound of the storm”… but no more.

The sound of rain has become like a gunshot, triggering anxiety, fear, and a sense of danger. How does one sleep wondering if the water will again rise? How can one relax when your body is reliving the trauma of packing up what little you could and walking back into a muck covered, completely destroyed home a few days later? How can one read a book when you feel you need to grab your children and run?

PTSD. If you are struggling with your emotions since the flood, if the sound of the rain makes your chest tighten, you are not alone. Our city experienced major trauma. Reports of mental health crisis since the flood have doubled (that is not counting those who have no sought help), and it will take years for our emotional health as a city to level out again. If you are struggling, your feelings are real, valid, and completely understandable.

Depression, anxiety, nightmares, those are what we would automatically think of when facing stress reactions to trauma, but there are many more common reactions that you can see here. As we are in the midst of hurricane season, and with the threat of storms approaching, do not ignore your feelings of stress, fear, exhaustion, hopelessness, or anger. Know that there are many in our city who understand, and many who can help.

In fact, if you are struggling, reach out via the contact form to be connected to local resources or to just talk.


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